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Unlike most schools that always try to sell the greatest number of classes possible, we offer a faster and more effective teaching methodology, marking every movement, every posture and every detail to make the most of each according to the classes.




  • July and August €85/h
  • Private class with 1 student + 1 wingfoil + 1 instructor
  • Equipment: wing, table, leash, vest, harness, neoprene, helmetWalkie Talkie
  • RC
  • Accident insurance
  • Zona Habilitada

Program by days

Day 1

Wind theory, assembly of material and learning to master the Wing (the sail) in the sand. Once the land exercises are done, we go directly to the water with a wingfoil board with a lot of volume. We start on our knees and stand up looking for balance.

Day 2

Once we get up, we will learn to levitate above the water.

Day 3

We will only have to learn to "gird" (navigate a few degrees against the wind) to be able to return to the same point.

Day 4

A lot of practice, courses and changes of direction.

Wing Foil Equipment Rental

  • Price per day 100€: full equipment
  • Price per 2h 80€: complete equipment
  • Price only wing: full day 35€
  • Wingfoil Board price: full day 45€

-The equipment will only be rented to self-sufficient wingsurfers. The school reserves the right to cancel the rental if it considers that the client does not meet the requirements.
-The customer must return the material before 7pm.
-If the material breaks, the customer must pay 100% of the repair value.
-The rental will be confirmed after leaving a deposit equal to the price of the material you rent via Credit Card or in cash, this amount will only be charged to the customer's account in case the material is not returned.

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  • Kite - Supervision (45€/h)
  • Kite-Foil Private (90€-95€/h)
  • Kite-Surf Private (80€-85€/h)
  • Wing-Private (80-85€/h)
  • Wing-Semiprivate (60-65€/h)
  • Paddle Surf 1h
  • Paddle Surf 3h
  • Paddle Surf 5h
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