Wingfoil courses
at Sant Pere Pescador

The best Wingfoil courses of the Costa Brava

Training with our wingfoil courses

This revolutionary sport is a mix between windsurfing and kitesurfing as we use a sail without lines or booms and with the help of the hdrofoil, with very little resistance with the water, we can levitate and navigate with little effort.

The wingfoil, has many advantages, in terms of potability, accessibility for practice and low risk, so it has become the sport of fashion.

We offer a course based on sessions, without limits or minimums, as each client has their own progression and can go asking as they please..

  • Wind theory, equipment set up and learning to master the wing (the sail) to the sand.
  • Once the land exercises are done, we start in the water. We are in favor of starting directly with a board with a lot of volume (similar to a paddle), but with the help of a large hydrofoil wing (more lift and stability) learning directly to levitate above the water.
  • We will only have to learn to "go upwind" (sail a few degrees upwind) to be able to return to the same point.



  • Private class with 1 student + 1 wingfoil + 1 instructor
  • Material: Wingfoil, bar, board, harness, harness, neopré, helmet
  • Walkie Talkie
  • Insurance
  • Enabled Zone